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2019-2020 Funded Programs


MEF’s 2020-2021 Goal

MEF’s 2020-2021 goal is to fund nearly $20,000 (reduced due to COVID) of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) and other enrichment programs at Midland.  These programs are NOT funded by the school district and would NOT be included in the school curriculum without financial contributions from our community.  With your sponsorship, we can continue to fund these items, as well as support the creation of the Midland Innovation Lab. 

Corporate Sponsors
Our Corporate Sponsor program is geared toward large science, engineering, and technology firms that want to support the STEAM goals of the next generation of learners. We’re looking for a few key corporate sponsors to support development of our new Midland Innovation Lab! The Innovation Lab will provide Midland’s students with opportunities to learn about science, engineering, robotics, technology, and coding while fostering creativity and innovation. For more detailed information about our corporate sponsorship strategy, please contact

Corporate Sponsors

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Small Local Business Sponsors 
Our Small Local Business Sponsor program is geared toward local Poway businesses that want to support the STEAM goals of Midland Elementary School. We love working with our local business partners on everything from restaurant nights to kids’ nights out! Our local businesses can help contribute to MEF’s educational goals, while also increasing their exposure to Midland families. 

Small Local Business Sponsors

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*For existing sponsors (we have your banner), the requested donation amount would be reduced by $75 

Family Donations 
MEF also welcomes family donations to help support STEAM curriculum and activities for our children! Families are invited to give a one-time donation, or a monthly reoccurring donation spread over all 10 months of the school year. All family donors will receive a Rockin’ Rattler Window/Car Sticker to show your support for Midland Elementary!

One-Time Donation

Donation Jar

Any Amount Makes a Difference

Monthly Donation

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Automatically Donate
Each Month for 10 Months

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